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NMDP℠ On Campus isn’t just a student-run organization, it’s a social movement that is literally saving lives. We seed change through connection; dots connected to other dots. Drawing hundreds of lines, linking hundreds of students from across the country, we have already teamed up to improve the lives of patients. You keep those connections strong. That’s why you’re the perfect person to spread the mission at your campus.

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Saving lives with a group is easy! Join the ranks of over 100 chapters, and we will provide everything you need to host events, recruit donors, and fundraise on your campus. Grab a few friends or join a chapter that already exists at your school.

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No group? No problem. Ambassadors are not required to be involved in a chapter. This program is designed primarily for students who want to get active and save lives on their own. However, chapter members can also become Ambassadors to help their groups save even more lives!

Get in the Game

NMDP℠ and The Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation partner with nearly 100 college and university sports teams to help save lives. Thousands of collegiate athletes have joined the registry and committed to saving a life through blood stem cell donation. Team up today and help us find more cures.

Partner With Us

Every day, committed organizations work with us on behalf of patients who need a life-saving bone marrow or cord blood transplant. When you partner with us, you’re also giving your members the opportunity to save a life. In addition to corporations and foundations, many civic, community, college and university and faith-based organizations work closely with local NMDP℠ networks to reach people where they live and work.  

Over the course of the last few months, this stranger has entered my life in the most amazing way and I hope her the best with her recovery. I hope to meet her some day, as this will be one of the most important moments in my entire life. If you ever have the chance to join the registry, please do. It will not only change your life, but it can also save another.

CharlsieBlood Stem Cell Donor

I think that when it comes to saving a life, it’s really a matter of thinking about the other person. And if you were in their shoes, would you want someone to be able to donate a portion of their time to help give the rest of your life back? To be able to actually help save someone’s life is something that I can’t even put into words, really.

JoeyBlood Stem Cell Donor

How Does the Registry Work?

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