NMDP℠ invites you to play Matchmaker

You can Empower Individuals to Make a Difference

What it means to be an Ambassador

By definition, an ambassador is an official representative, a dedicated individual who educates while building strong relationships–that’s you! And we’ll equipt you with everything else you need. As an Ambassador, you’ll receive resources and support tailored for individuals, and access to a personal recruitment code and fundraising page, so you can track just how big of an impact you’re making.

Ambassadors make an impact

Every potential donor added to the registry and every dollar raised helps us continue our mission to save lives through cellular therapy. Working together, we make a big difference in our patients’ lives.

How you can do the most good as an Ambassador

You’re essential to what we do. Sign up as an Ambassador and we’ll come along side to provide support as you:

  • Create awareness of NMDP℠ and your role in our collective mission.
  • Recruit new members to the registry and to the cause.
  • Raise $100 or more.
  • Develop skills that will help you grow personally and professionally. We invest in you as you invest in others.

Benefits of Being Involved as an Ambassador

When we all do better, we all do better. While our Ambassadors are busy helping others, they are improving themselves, too!

Group of three people

Increase the Odds

Our patients represent your community. When you help someone move closer to finding their cure and their match, you strengthen those around you.

Add to your Résumé

Develop professional skills like leadership, public speaking, advocacy, organization, planning, and more!

Make Connections

Make professional connections within NMDP℠ and with other Ambassadors, Chapters, and Partners.

Letter of Recommendation

Upon successful evaluation, a representative will be happy to recommend you for future jobs or further education.

I signed up because I hoped to help someone like my mom—someone looking for a blood stem cell or bone marrow transplant, someone who I knew could have limited chances of finding a match. I remember what it felt like to wait for my mom’s doctor’s to find her a match and the feeling of joy we all had when they did. So I feel incredibly honored to participate in this process and give that feeling of hope back to the recipient and their family.

MarandaBlood Stem Cell Donor

I remember being in class and getting the call saying that I was a potential match for someone who was fighting cancer. The decision to go through with the process wasn’t a hard one. Definitely do it if you have the chance, you are helping someone other than yourself.

LexBlood Stem Cell Donor

Support for Our Ambassadors

We makes it easy to effectively advocate for a cure with access to several digital and networking resources.  Not sure where to start?  Ask your designated NMDP℠ representative! 

Everything you need to get started as an Ambassador

We have tons of resources to help you get started.  Here’s what you’ll have access to once you sign up!

Virtual Toolkit

A collection of digital resources to help you raise awareness and fundraise on social media

Drive in a Box

Everything you need to host a registry drive—in one convenient package

Your NMDP℠ Representative

NMDP℠ employee assigned to help you secure resources and use them efficiently

Student-led Initiatives That Make a Big Impact

Join the NMDP℠ Chapter at your school

Start Saving Lives

We’ll put you in contact with a NMDP℠ representative who can lead you and your team to success!

Get Started