The Life-Changing Power of Be The Match Partners

Working together to change the odds

Together, We Can Impact Healthcare Disparities

Be The Match relies on the support of partnerships to increase the reach of the mission so more lives can be saved. Creating win-win partnerships is what we do. 

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There’s a Cure and You Can be a Part of it

Whether you want to partner on a local or national level, Be The Match can offer a variety of opportunities for your group to engage with this life-saving mission 

  • Custom Events
  • Educational and volunteer opportunities 
  • Student group or classroom presentations
  • PR and media support
  • Investment into your local community

Be The Match relies on partners to expand the reach of our mission into local communities to save more lives. Through partnerships, Be The Match has been able to make a much larger impact for patients in need.

Recruitment from partnerships events have dramatically increased the odds for all patients, regardless of their background.

Be The Match supports you

Be the Match makes it easy to partner up. With local Be The Match Representatives all across the country, you will have access to resources needed to ensure the partnership is a success.

Benefits of Be The Match Partners

  • Networking opportunities 
  • Volunteer hours and recognition 
  • Investment into your local community
  • Be The Match swag + incentives
  • Saving lives 

Donor’s Story

One of the main reasons I decided to join the registry is because of the lack of African Americans on the registry. Think about if it was your child, think about if it was your sister – don’t let fear be the only reason you don’t help someone or save a life. I hope one day I’m able to meet my recipient and thank him for making me a better person.

LaurenBlood Stem Cell Donor

Operation Save Our Selves

Since 2018, Be The Match has teamed up with Sigma Gamma Rho, Alpha Phi Alpha, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s), and other groups to recruit more Black members to join the Be The Match Registry. With only 8% of the Be The Match Registry identifying as Black, Be The Match relies on these partners to increase the odds of finding a life-saving match for Black patients. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

In July 2021, Sigma Alpha Epsilon named Be The Match as one of their national philanthropies, working towards adding young, committed members to the Be The Match Registry. Before this, SAE had hosted 3 registry recruitment events yielding 137 registry members – and one registry member has already gone on to become a life-saving donor through stem cell donation! Active SAE members alone could potentially save over 100 lives, and by expanding to SAE lifetime members, thousands of lives could be saved! Watch this short video of a SAE member that received a life-saving treatment from Be The Match.

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